Third Level

The Third level moves from the known into areas where the author's experiences are new and on the edge of our knowledge (this is where the greatest change takes place). The Third level includes theories and best guesses. However, as we conduct more events and get feedback from others, we gain experience and confidence which we will use to update this website and turn these into knowns. (But we will also adding new theories and best guesses.)

The Third Level introduces more prophecies about the times around 2012. These come from people in contact with Extraterrestrials (ET). We present these because one of the predictions about 2012 is that humankind will be more aware of our place in the Universe because of increasing contacts with ETs.

The Third Level is about finding who we are (or our perception of who we are) to be able to create from being, rather than doing.

In the Third Level, we go even deeper in meditation to an awareness of light plus intention and move closer to oneness with Spirit.

The intention of the Third Level is to move us to the edge of who we can be. Using intuition will help you decide what fits you at this time or as someone once said, "Take the best and leave the rest."

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