Gale Gray, Serendipity Seminars; Seminars, workshops, meditations, talks, didgeridoo, discoveries, and Gale's Schedule, www.SerendipitySeminars.com

Carole Glenn, Life Harmony Music; Music, and Carole's Schedule, www.lifeharmonymusic.com

Judith Conrad, Intuitive Tarot Readings, Coaching, www.eugeneintuitive.com

Dr. June d'Estelle, Meditation Classes, www.alohem.org

Shelor Duffee, Embracing the Elementals; Cards, intuitive readings, www.TheSacredOnes.com

Joyce Gedeon, Channeling and more, www.joycegedeon.com (This website contains free live channelings with Ashtar and other masters), email: joy_zhel@yahoo.com, 540-456-6123

Antonia Albano's 8th annual Celebration of Love, this year's theme: All About Love! On Feb. 14, 2012. www.celebrationoflove2012.com A second event is planned for 12.12.12.

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