To increase our awareness of the challenges and opportunities that are here now and that may be coming in the future.


To help us make decisions using Intuition and to consciously access other dimensions.


To improve our connection to Spirit, our conduction of spiritual energy, and how we create in the World.


Overall Goals


To support you on your spiritual journey, not to tell you what it is. (Rev. Rod Romney)


To become who we are from our Soul Essence.


As more light flows from our Soul Essence it changes our energy field including our aura. This changes our subtle bodies (mental, emotional, etc.) so we become who we were created to be. As we change, we help others become who they were created to be.


Each of us is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. As we become who we are and find where we fit, we help create the bigger, divine picture. Coming from our Soul Essence will get us through 2012 and beyond.


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