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Words are excellent tools to help us communicate, but they are limited. Here is how the authors strive to use these words:

Ashtar - The Ashtar Command is a group of souls who are in charge of the Earth. For more information, see Ashtar in Bringing in the Light.

Best Guess: Our best guess. While this phrase is self-explanatory, recognizing that is what we are working with, may not be obvious. Our intent is to use this phrase to remind ourselves (and you) that we are working with a guess. This can be related to our Level of Experience. When we are working on the edge of our knowledge and experience, we often need to proceed based on our best guess. Sometimes, Best Guess is as good as it gets.

Christ: As used in this Workshop, this is that part of the Soul that is GOD. In this context, Jesus was expressing the Christ within. This can be considered the same as the Soul Essence.

Christ Vibration: Jesus' Soul Vibration. This is a complete vibration in the first five dimensions that comes from having a complete connection to Spirit.

Dimensions: A level of consciousness, existence, or reality. We are connected to many dimensions. Some we are aware of, and some we are not. Examples of dimensions are the Physical, the Mental, the Emotional, and the Spiritual. What happens on one dimension can affect other dimensions.

Emotions: Emotions tend to come from the Ego. So emotions can have lots of energy and take over our thoughts and our actions. The words emotions and feelings are commonly used interchangeably, however we believe that it is important to pay attention to what something is and where it is coming from for Spiritual work. Emotions are experiential.

Experiential: Learned from experience or to be experienced. Sometimes what is experienced cannot be put into words or explained. For example, if we are moved by music, it is an experience. Experiences can also be very personal and different for each person, even when experiencing something at the same time.

Feelings: Feelings are the language of the Soul. So feelings tend to be deeper and more subtle. Since feelings can be our Soul speaking, it is important to pay attention to them. See Emotions, since emotions and feelings are usually considered to be the same. Feelings are experiential.

The Divine: Spirit

Divine Nature: Our nature when we are in touch with our Soul Essence and choose our highest good.

GOD: We use this word in all capitals for that Presence that is that is infinite and beyond description. In a sense, it can be thought of as the summation of all views of God (Spirit, Source, Creator, Father God, Allah, etc.) Or as one person said, GOD is beyond what we can imagine, ... and even beyond that.

Human: Earth beings with both a human and divine nature.

Human Nature: Our nature when we are not in touch with our Soul Essence and/or do not choose our highest good.

Intuition: The ability to be aware of, or know something from other than the logical mind. This is sometimes called the sixth sense.

Light: Generally light includes both the visible and invisible. In this workshop, Light (capitalized) means spiritual light that is visible via the inner sense of sight (clairvoyance).

Soul: Our deepest and truest nature that we came in with and what continues after death. Some sources do not consider the Soul to be our pure essence because these say that the Soul also carries things from life like memories and karma (this is the approach that we have taken in this Workshop). However, the Soul is still seen as being connected to or a part of Spirit (the Divine, GOD, Truth, Great Mystery, etc.)

Soul Essence: This is the part of the Soul that contains the pure spiritual energy that was spun off of Spirit when we were created.

Soul Vibration: This is the energy that the Soul radiates through time and space. The vibration is a function of our connection to Spirit.

Source: The source of everything. This could be called God, the Creator, etc., or it could be considered as a part of GOD.

Spirit: The source of Spiritual Energy. When the energy is called the life source, then Spirit is often called the Universal Life Source. This could be called God, the Creator, Source, etc., or it could be considered as a part of GOD. Instead of having to agree on a view of the source of this energy, we call the source Spirit.

Spiritual Energy: Each one of us has an energy that animates our physical being. Sometimes this is called the life force. We have chosen to call this spiritual energy and that this comes from Spirit.

Vortex: A vortex is the funnel shape created by a whirling fluid or by the motion of spiraling energy. In this workshop, Vortex (capitalized) means a vortex of subtle energy and/or Light (see definition above).

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