“Each one must choose, and each one must follow, their own path. Another's path may not be right for you. No one can reach their heights of glory on another's path.”*

Although we do not have the same spiritual path, we can share the same spiritual task. The most important task is to bring in the Light. While many will do this unconsciously, it is more powerful if we consciously come from the heart with intention. Now is the time to bring in as much Light as we can. So it is important that we accept this task and encourage others to accept it too.

There are many ways to bring in the Light. If you choose, here is a simple way of setting the intention, clearing the field, and then grounding the Light - Creating A Personal Vortex. Another way is to play an instrument or sing from your heart. Whatever helps you be in your heart while holding the intention to bring in the Light. In this way you become a Light Bearer.

Much of this section is from a reading by Joyce Gedeon (see Links) and the book Mesa by Pam Cameron (see Books). The authors used intuitive methods for confirmation. It has been rearranged and edited to make it simple and clear. Some things were deleted or rearranged in this process.We recommend contacting Joyce and/or reading Mesa if you desire more information.

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*Page 17, Mesa by Pam Cameron - see Books.

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