Auras, Living Rainbows by Kay Gray, Available from Serendipity Seminars, see Contact Us, $10 plus $3 shipping

Kay found that what she clearly saw in auras did not always match what was described in books, depicted by Kirilian photography, or other sources. Sometimes this difference seemed to her to be incomplete, misleading, or incorrectly interpreted, in other cases information lacked depth. This dissatisfaction lead her to write her own book based on her experience over many years of seeing auras and what she found lacking in available information.

The HeartMath® Solution by Doc Childre and Howard Martin available from Amazon.com

Mesa by Pam Cameron, Available from Serendipity Seminars, see Contact Us, $12 plus $2.95 shipping

“Go you to the desert of the great Southwest!”

The voice came in the night.

There was a vision of a mesa.

Mesa is a compelling story, awakening us to the possibilities presenting themselves as we approach 2012. This true spiritual adventure will challenge your understanding about the importance of following spiritual guidance, the power of dreams, the significance of intuition, and the nature of reality. It is a story about the Light Activation of Earth, a dramatic shift bringing us new senses and capabilities which will affect the evolution of our species.

“Once people believed the world was flat, but now we know that was wrong, and people just had a limited view of reality. Those clinging to their old beliefs were simply unaware. Now we are in another time of new and expanded awareness. There will be those who insist there is nothing beyond the third dimension. But in this lifetime it will be proven that there is more to reality than has been believed in the past.”

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