The Seven Worlds


Thank you to Dr. Louise Burgan, Butte College, Chico, CA, for this synopsis of the Seven Worlds


1st World of Love


Old Life Characteristics: Unconditional love, Sun able to heal, all life forms respected.


New Human Characteristics: Some became unfaithful, untrustworthy, fearful, greedy, jealous, display racial hatred.


Old Life Supplanted by: Sense of self, Knowing self


Lessons: Faithfulness


Method by which earth was purged: Fire


2nd World of Ice


Old Life Characteristics: Weakened, crippled, and tormented; Humans lived below ground for generations; When they came out, new talents came into being; Balanced, still lovingly connected to all and to the earth; They replaced resources used.


New Human Characteristics: Unconditional love and warmth of the sun are gone.


Old Life Supplanted by: Resentment and self-importance of the unfaithful destroys inner balance of the children of the earth.


Lessons: To work without ego brings wholeness, gratitude, harmony, loving, sharing, honoring of each clan member, unity, cooperation and peace; Group consciousness


Method by which earth was purged: Ice


3rd World of Water


Old Life Characteristics: Unity, wholeness; Connection to all earth children


New Human Characteristics: Fear and lack of respect began murdering trees, crystals, and stones; Quarrels started among those who could no longer hear Mother Earth’s voice; they laughed and demeaned those who could. Connection to the earth broken.


Old Life Supplanted by: Resentment and self-importance of the unfaithful led to misusing authority. This led to turbulence and quarrels among the self-serving tribes; Races demean others.


Lessons: Control; one race should never dominate all others, Opportunity to become the dream reflection of the whole.


Method by which earth was purged: Water


4th World of Separation (longest of worlds)


Old Life Characteristics: Faithful with inner knowing promise to never again allow one race or tribe to rule the earth; Harmony and equality among the faithful set foundation for future unity.


New Human Characteristics: Degradation and domination of others caused by separation; Struggles caused as one continent separated into many; Talents, skills tribes and religions caused disharmony.


Old Life Supplanted by: Many separate traditions, cultures, religions, languages; Beliefs and morals made into laws, but a new united race is forming; Many sky and earth humans leave the earth.


Lessons: Refine three fates and seven talents, Tools of hearing and separations and wobbles in each of us lead to lessening the drama at the end of this world.


Method by which earth would be purged if needed: Earth movement and wobble. (It is said that if a certain percentage of the earth’s people honor and respect the earth, a purge will not be necessary. The Seneca believe that number has been reached.)


5th World of Illumination (Begins around 2013)


Old Life Characteristics: The remaining faithful have new abilities; the stone and plant kingdoms are asked to have compassion and understanding for humans; some will know and use their talents to aid all planetary families.


New Human Characteristics: Time of rainbow tribe – melded from all the races into one; There will be the unity sought for millions of moons; These humans finally find enlightenment; Ushering in a millennia of peace, working as one.


Old Life Supplanted by: Trials, lessons, and disastrous actions of humans no longer have to be inflicted upon the other children of the earth as the rainbow tribe is formed from the faithful and moves beyond disconnection. People will heal with thought.


Lessons: Balance, joy, new learning systems in place. Able to live in peace with themselves and each other and all the earth families. Contentment; Subterraniums will come up with the seeds. Comets will help plants to multiply. Two worlds will become a uni-world.


6th World of Prophecy and Revelation (Secrets of earth's Magnetic pull revealed.)


Old Life Characteristics: No more illness and death; Dream time as real as physical world; Lessons learned by developing inner knowing and sensitivities of body, mind, heart, and spirit.


New Human Characteristics: Prepare for planetary growth with visions and predictions created by our relations in future times; they walk their talk and think their talk for millions of moons.


Old Life Supplanted by: How to vision its self-fulfilling prophecies; dreamtime visions become immediate reality.


Lessons: Humility, wisdom, understanding truth. We will simply know and be. Collective dreams become reality.


7th World of Completion


Old Life Characteristics: Linear time does not exist.


New Human Characteristics: Return to the place we began, the place of dreamtime, unity, and love. Limitless creation possible.


Old Life Supplanted by: Refinement of all forms of communication, not only humans but also stones, plants, all creatures, little people, cloud people. Winds

of change for air, earth, water, and fire. We will all speak the language of love.


Lessons: One with stones, plants, all creatures and humans. Unconditional love.


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