Before creating a Vortex, see if there is an Existing Vortex in the area that you can use. This procedure can also be used to reopen a Vortex that has been Closed.

There are different ways to create a Vortex and different sources of energy that can be used. However, a step that is common and important for all of them is to start with the intention of creating a Vortex and to hold the thought of the highest good. We are powerful and have skills beyond what we know. This is especially true when we work in groups where skills and gifts create synergy. It is also good to decide what the Vortex will be used for, for how long, and possible sources of energy. It is good to select the source of energy and determine the direction of rotation before starting (see Vortex Rotation for more information.) Checking with your intuition is recommended throughout this entire process.

1. Find a location where people can go to, but one which is not a location where people usually are. For example, a corner of a private garden or an area in a wood or field are much better than in a path or in an area where people might walk through. This is because people should have the conscious choice to be in the presence of the Vortex or not. This is discussed further in How to Use a Vortex.


2. Take time to center yourself and to check how you are feeling before starting to create the Vortex. If you are feeling scattered or have negative emotions, wait for a better time.


3. It can be valuable to establish a focal point for the center of the Vortex. Use a crystal, rock, or other object. This is a form of communication both with the seen and the unseen. When you are ready and have found the right location, place the object were you want the center to be. You may chose to use a special or valuable object (like a gem stone). It is good if the object to be used is chosen by the person who will be the caretaker of the Vortex. Once the Vortex is established and flowing, you can replace the valuable object with a more common one. A rock can be a good choice.


4. Gather your Authority. Sometimes this feels like or can be seen as a cloud of energy around the head and upper body. Ask that the Vortex only be created if it is in accordance with the will of Spirit.


5. Visualize a possible source for the Vortex. For example, if using Earth energy, project your awareness down into the Earth where you may see the energy as a dark red color. Imagine the energy flowing and linking up so that it can flow out through the Vortex. When using the energy that can create earthquakes or other natural disasters, this linking up can extend along fault lines to places that are remote from the location of the Vortex. Generally this linking up happens more in a horizontal direction than in a vertical direction. You may wish to connect up to other earth energy that is either closer to the surface or deeper. One possibility is to connect to the core of the Earth where there is a lot of energy (checking with intuition is a good way to choose). Be aware that this linking up can take time and hold the intention that it continues for as long as necessary.


6. Connect with the Energy and ask it to emerge as a Vortex. Then visualize it flowing, weaving together and flowing through the focal point as it rotates in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Holding sacred objects or sacred sounds using chimes, drums, singing, toning, etc. can help with this process.


7. Continue to visualize this process until you feel that the Vortex is flowing and will continue to flow. A Vortex seems to be self governing and will increase or decrease its flow in accordance to what is needed for the beings that are present.


8. Gratitude: Thank the source or sources, Spirit, and any participants for their help in establishing the Vortex.


For considerations such as care and responsibilities, see How to Use a Vortex.


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