There was a great deal of media buildup to 2012 and after the year ended, the media saw it as a non-event; much like year 2000 (Y2K). The World did not end. However, we believe that it did change. As some would say, it was an inside job.


As has been true with many major changes, the Shift seems to be starting small, in a few groups, and differently for different people. It started for a group of us that met on 12/12/12 with a change in the light inside. We expect that light will grow stronger as we follow our spiritual paths. It may grow stronger both due to our individual choices and due to our connection with the group.


When the Shift will happen is up to Spirit. While there may be auspicious dates and places, it is important to recognize our part. Our part is to prepare by following our guidance, our intuition. The how and when is up to Spirit.


Our best guess is that the Shift will happen sometime between 2012 and the end of 2015.


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